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BTF - Borrelia och TBE Föreningen i Sverige

The Lyme association in Sweden (BTF) was founded 2005 by two patients with TBD, one who had Lyme disease, and the other Tick borne encephalitis. BTF is a national independent nonprofit organization for patients in Sweden with TBD, and family members.  
BTF:s work is being aimed at drawing attention to and spread knowledge about TBD and prevention against these infections. BTF:s goal is that people infected with tick borne diseases in Sweden should receive a proper diagnosis by using effective tests, and also adequate medical care based on updated guidelines. BTF also serves as an information center for the latest research and and medical knowledge in this field.

The goal of BTF:s ongoing work is to influence the Swedish Health authorities so that they will eventually acknowledge Chronic Lyme disease and co- infections, but also change the guidelines according to ILADS standards, which also must include extensive education and training around the complex matter of TBD, both for Swedish doctors and Swedish health and insurance authorities.
BTF has ongoing dialogues and meetings with politicians, doctors, researchers, healthcare authorities and the media, to continuously be able to raise the level of awareness concerning these matters. BTF also hosts different events around the country to inform and educate the public about the increasing problem with TBD.
BTF prints information brochures and newsletters for the public, for doctors and healthcare care staff and also politicians, with up-to-date information on research, prevention, treatment, etc.

BTF collects data and information of what is happening in other countries concerning TBD, on an ongoing basis. Representatives from the association participate in TBD conferences both in Sweden and abroad, to be updated on the latest research. BTF also collaborates with doctors and laboratories in Europe and supports EU founded research projects at a few Swedish medical institutions. BTF has also held educational seminars by inviting ILADs doctors from other countries, to give lectures for the public and professionals within the health care system.
BTF support the members of the organisation by offering different kinds of help from an advisory board where the staff give members information about treatment abroad for TBD, and also help them in that process. BTF offers ongoing educational training for the staff.  

Information from BTF is presented on our homepage, facebookpage and instagram account. There is also a facebook support group just for members, dealing with matters related to the disease. BTF also offers an information page with the latest updates and data for members.

Kontakt: foreningen@borrelia-tbe.se

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